How and why is junk food harmful to health?

How and why is junk food harmful to health?

It has often been seen that what is very tasty to eat, is also harmful to our health, and the most common stomach problem starts. Even knowing that junk food is harmful to our health. Despite that, many people like to eat junk food. There are many types of junk food in the market, which are very popular among children and young people. At the same time, the consumption of this kind of food is having a bad effect on the health of people all over the world. But because of their deliciousness, people consume them a lot.

Why junk food is tasty

Many types of things are used to make junk food. So that they become very tasty to eat. But we forget that the things that have been used to make them. It is very harmful for our health. And these things mixed in small amounts take the form of a harmful thing. For example, double hamburger food is everyone's favorite. But when you consume it, you consume 942 calories. That is, of course, burgers are delicious to eat, but because of harmful fats, they are just as dangerous for health.

What Is Junk Foods?

Junk food is said to be that food which contains high amount of bad nutrition items, trans fat, sugar, sodium and chemicals like etc. Usually, many food items and colors are added to junk food to make it tasty, attractive. But all these things are bad for health.

Most of the things available in the market are included in the list of junk food. Not only that, most of the things that children insist on eating are junk food. At the same time, the list of junk food includes burgers, french fries, cocoa cola, potato chips, pizza, cakes, hot dogs, donuts, pancakes etc.

Indian junk food is also junk food.

It is not the case that only things sold in the market and food from other countries fall under the category of junk food. Actually we people who cook Indian food in our house, most of them are harmful for our health and they come in the category of junk food. And the names of some of those things are as follows, Paratha, Kulche, Kachori, Kofte, Puri, Pakoda and etc.

Junk Food Disadvantages To Health

junk food weight gain

Eating any kind of junk food is very harmful to our body. If you constantly eat junk food available in the market, it can lead to weight gain or obesity. At the same time, in your articles on how to reduce obesity, you will read that junk food is the main cause of obesity. But still you guys find this kind of food so delicious. You cannot leave them even if you want to. Apart from this, they are made so delicious that many times you consume more than your capacity. These foods are high in calories. Due to which, consuming them increases the calories of our body, which further increases the weight of our body. At the same time, most of the world's population is currently suffering from increasing weight. If you take 500 calories every day, your weight will increase in just one week. At the same time, there is a possibility of other diseases due to weight gain, such as knee problems, shortness of breath, etc.

Danger of diabetes (junk food diabetes)

In our country, where diabetes used to occur in the elderly. At the same time, children are also becoming victims of this disease. At the same time, the main cause of children getting this disease is the food they eat. In many surveys, it has been found that children who consume more junk food are more likely to have diabetes. Not only this, many children in the world are victims of type 2 diabetes, which is a cause of great concern. Once he is affected by diabetes, he suffers from it for the rest of his life. Not only this, this disease also becomes the cause of other types of diseases. Therefore, the next biggest harm of junk food is related to diabetes.

Why is junk food bad for your teeth?

Sugar is used in almost every type of junk food. By consuming them, the scope of problems related to teeth increases. Eating junk food with high sugar content such as soda, candy and baked goods has a bad effect on your mouth, gums, and tongue. At the same time, many children's teeth start to rot at an early age. Due to which the children have to go ahead and get their teeth treated.

Heart disease- (What foods can cause heart disease)

Junk food like potato chips, french fries and pizza are high in sodium. According to doctors, sodium is harmful to our heart. Therefore, no person should consume high sodium content. Not only that, eating too much sodium increases the risk of blood pressure and stroke. At the same time, in a study conducted by researchers of a university, it has been found that every 500 mg of sodium intake increases the risk of stroke by 17 percent. So, if you like potato chips a lot and you consume a lot of them, then stop doing that. If possible, eat low-sodium or salt-free varieties of chips. You may not find these chips very tasty, but they are good for your health.

lack of vitamins (junk food vitamins)

In order to keep the body healthy, it is very important to consume things containing vitamins. At the same time, junk food contains vitamins and minerals in large quantities. In this case, if one depends only on junk food. So his body may lack vitamins. Junk foods do not contain protein-rich foods. At the same time, lack of nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, C, D and E, B is harmful for the body. And due to the lack of these things, the risk of many diseases increases.

artificial material

Many companies use artificial ingredients in their products to add flavor to junk food. At the same time, by consuming these artificial ingredients many times, you are in danger of having many kinds of side effects. Therefore, whenever you buy any junk food, see how many artificial ingredients have been used to make that food. If more artificial ingredients have been used in making that food, then do not consume it. At the same time, you might be thinking that what is artificial material? In fact, many types of things are given artificial colors and artificial sweeteners to give them a good look and taste. Which is harmful to health.

At the same time, apart from the problems mentioned above, there is a danger of having problems like gastrointestinal (stomach) problems, stress, lack of brain development by consuming junk food. Therefore, pregnant women and small children are asked to refrain from eating this kind of food. So that there is no reduction in the development of the baby in the pregnant woman's stomach. At the same time, the brains of young children could develop well and they could live a healthy life.

Junk food facts and its side effects in hindi

Bad effect on children (child addicted to junk food)-

Junk food is not bad for a long time, so many kinds of chemicals are added to it. At the same time, health experts say that these chemicals have a bad effect on children and chemicals can increase the risk of activity in children.

Junk food effect on human health-

Young people like to eat junk food. Therefore, most of the people who consume more of these things are young people. And that's why many schools and colleges in India have banned the sale of this kind of food.

Donuts are also harmful (is eating one donut bad)-

  These days donuts are very much liked by people. At the same time, there are many types of donuts available in the market, which are delicious to look at as well as eat. But health experts say that they contain a lot of trans fat. Therefore, their intake should be reduced as much as possible.

The damage of Coca-Cola, Pepsi (coca cola effect on health)-

Beverages like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are very popular all over the world and their sales are also high. At the same time, many kinds of chemicals are used to make these things that are harmful to our body. So keep your children away from consuming these things as much as possible.

Milk shake is also harmful (milk shake side effects)-

  Often people think that milk shakes are very beneficial for health. But actually this is not true. Actually, many chemicals are used to make milk shake. With the help of these chemicals, it is given color and taste. It is said that more than 45 different chemicals are mixed in strawberry milk shake to make it delicious. So consume less of these things as much as possible.

Harmful effects of French fries-

Of all the food items made by McDonald's, French fries are the most sold. It is said that the preservatives used in French fries are harmful for asthma and skin. Not only that, by eating it, the risk of obesity increases. Junk food

Juice is good for health-

  Often people think that the juice available in the packet is very healthy. But this is not true at all. It is said that as much sugar is used in fruit juice as in Coke or Pepsi. At the same time, consuming more sugar is very harmful for health.

Disadvantages of pastry-

Most of the pastries, cookies and cakes are very unhealthy for health. They are usually made with refined sugar, refined wheat flour and fat, which are harmful to health. Therefore, consume as little as possible.

Effects of consuming junk food in India (health hazards caused by junk food in India)

According to a report released by the World Health Organization, the problem of obesity in India is troubling many people. According to the World Health Organization, the number of obese people in India has increased every year. At the same time, 46 million i.e. 4.6 crore people are suffering from obesity in India. Apart from this, the disease of diabetes has also started to be found in the people of India.

How to identify junk food

You may be thinking that every food available in the market is junk food, but it is not. There are still many things in the market which are very beneficial for health. You just need to identify them. Below we have told you how you can identify them.

Check the content-

When buying any packaged food, read the information on the back of the package. Because the material used to make that thing. Information about it will be given on the packet. Name of those materials and in what quantity those materials have been used. By reading this, you will know whether that thing is edible or not. For example, if something is made with more sugary foods, then don't take it. At the same time, if whole grain has been used to make any material, then that thing is right to eat. At the same time, you also saw that which nutrients are present in that thing. Food nutrients like fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, C and E are in high quantity in that thing, then that thing is healthy.

Eat only fresh things-

Always drink fresh juice instead of packet juice. Because no chemicals are used in fresh juice and it is beneficial for your health. Similarly, consume only those things that are fresh.

Different Cultures and Their Food

There are many different types of cultures around the world. Based on these cultures, food is also abundant. Because of this, with the difference of place and time, we have different kinds of foods today, some of which we like to eat and some of which we do not like to eat at all. Before swallowing food, we chew it very well, at this time some creative processes happen, which is very important to know. It is described below,

The Process of Chewing Food and Five Main Flavors

We go through the process of chewing food while eating almost every food item. When we put the food in the mouth, the saliva present in the mouth with the food at that time divides the food into small particles, so that the digestive system present in our body can digest it easily. These small particles start moving towards the papillae of the tongue located in our mouth, the uppermost part of our tongue is filled with these papillae. A minimum of 50 and a maximum of 100 test cells are present in a papillae. These test cells remain folded together. Their composition is in this way, like petals are seen in flowers. This is called test buds. About 10,000 test buds are present in the tongue of a healthy person. There are some special chemicals inside it, which are useful for understanding the five basic tastes. These are five tastes: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. The word umami is derived from a Japanese word, which is related to salty taste.

Human Evolution and Taste

To understand this fact, we need to know some special things about the history of India about 3 million years ago. At this time, man had not made any such weapon, so that he could kill animals and eat their meat. So at this time he had to eat fruits, dry fruits, vegetables etc. to satisfy his hunger. At this time, more energy was required for human survival. Therefore, they needed to find such foods, which have more calories. So that they can get more energy. It should be noted that 1 gram of fat gives energy up to 9 calories and 1 gram of carbohydrates only 4 calories. Although carbohydrates are an essential element for the body, because the body can absorb this element the fastest.

Over time, with the arrival of various tools and weapons, when humans learned to hunt animals, at this time they needed more energy. At this time, they had different kinds of fruits and honey for energy. Due to the presence of more carbohydrates in sweets, more carbohydrates could be obtained from these foods, so it was very good for living. Because of this continuous absorption of this taste, our taste buds evolved in such a way that whenever a human ate such things, these taste buds could give a pleasant feeling to humans. Therefore, they used to give a positive signal to our brain about eating these things, so that the brain would understand that this food is beneficial for the body. So then our test buds evolved in such a way that they could react negatively to sour things. Similarly, while eating any bitter thing, they used to give this signal to our brain that this thing can have a negative effect on the body and health. In fact, during the Stone Age, there were some people whose taste was sour or bitter. Because of this, these test buds were developed in such a way that they could react negatively to such tests.

So now our body has become such that it responds positively to such sweet and salty tasting things, because such tastes were very important for survival for a long time. But the thing to be noticed is that now we do not need as much energy for living as we did 3 million years ago. So, now our body cannot burn fat and fat made from such foods, due to which many types of diseases start to occur in humans.

In the same way, our taste buds react negatively to today's instant health products, because they are bitter in taste. So this signal goes to our brain that these bitter things can be poisonous. So today people try to run away from all these healthy things.

What kind of food to avoid (Precaution from junk food):

Different people have to avoid different types of food, such as those who have diabetes cannot eat sweets, but other people can. But there are some such things, which must be avoided. Like pizzas, burgers, fried items etc. sold in the market. Although all these are better in taste, they are high in calories. Which accumulates in our body and invites obesity. So we should avoid such foods.

Why Different People's Choice Vary

A question also arises that why different people like different things in their food. For example, some people like sweets a lot and some people run away from it. The reason for this is that human development happened simultaneously in different places of the world.

Apart from these, the geographical position and environment of different places were different, which the humans here adapted for their survival. Because of this, people living in places with more bitter fruits adapted this taste better than those people who lived in places with less bitter fruits. In a research, it was found that people who live in places with malaria have a gene that makes them less sensitive to bitter taste. Also, due to gene pool crossing, our taste buds have started to respond to different types of tastes. Because of this, bitter things are liked by some people and disliked by some people.

So now, keeping in mind our health, even if we have to eat such things, which taste bitter, then we need to eat. Green vegetables, which are generally not very tasty, but are very beneficial to the body. So we should keep eating green vegetables.


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